Find a list of English speaking doctors here or there:


Short steps how to go to the doctor in Germany:

1. Which kind of doctor?

2. Search the address, call him and plan a date.

3. Take money and your insurance card with you.

4. Often you get a prescription for your health insurance.

5. You need a medicine? – Go to the local pharmacy and buy it.

You didn´t understand?

Here is a detailed description:

  And now? You need to go to the doctors?
Right here you find the best “recipe” on how to make your first visit at the doctors!

1. Well, first you should choose the kind of doctor you need to visit, because also in Germany the dentists can’t fix a broken leg. So look at our list of English speaking doctors and choose one.

2. If you have chosen your doctor, you should call him in order to ask, when you can plan your date.

3. If you have arranged a date you only need to go there and bring some time, money and your insurance card with you. You don’t have one? For the first time -in most cases- it doesn’t matter, but you should get to inform yourself about the health insurance system in Germany. You can do that on our website, just click here.

4. Then you often get a prescription and your health insurance will pay for in most cases. If you’re not insured yet,  you will have to pay for your medicine.

5. You can then go and collect your medicine at the local pharmacy.Usually there also is at least one emergency pharmacy that is open also beyond the opening hours in every county.

6. There are also emergency doctors that will help you also during the night time or at the weekend. For example there is the “Bereitschaftspraxis Elisenhof” which is open 24 hours during the whole week.

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