Finding it hard to learn German?

German is a difficult language, that’s out of question but with the right strategy and some preparation it gets easier. Some tips from our inpatriate interview partners:

  1. If possible, take some German lessons before your arrive in Germany, as you will feel more secure when getting confronted with the new environment for the first time.
  2. Take every possibility in listening to German, for example: watch the news, listen to the radio, visit the cinema
  3. Read German texts, for example: newspaper, books (less intimidating ones like children´s books, comics and trash novels), magazines…
  4. Meet German people, for example at (sports-)clubs, bars, events, …(-> more under “free time”)
  5. Try to really use your acquired German skills even if it´s necessary to force oneself not to speak English. Most reactions of your dialogue partners will be positive as Germans are impressed if someone ventures to learn their language.

Some known radio stations subdivided into genres:

  1. rock/ music from the 80s, 90s: Rock Antenne (93.00), TOP FM (106.4), Bayern 3 (98.5), Charivari (95.5), Antenne Bayern (101.30)
  2. pop/ modern music: Radio2Day (89.00), Energy München (93.30), Radio Gong (96.30), Radio Galaxy (107.90)
  3. Culture/ news radio: BR B5 aktuell (90.00), Deutschlandradio Kultur (96.80), Deutschlanffunk (101.70), DRadio Wissen (DAB+)
  4. german hits (“Schlager”): Radio Arabella (104.00), Radio Schlagerparadies (93.80), Kultradio (DAB+)
  5. classical music: Bayern1 (91.30), BR Klassik (100.40), Klassik Radio (107.20)
  6. catholic radio: Christliches Radio München (92.40), Münchner Kirchenradio (DAB+)

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